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Who Killed Cyndy? Who Killed Cyndy?

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


That has the funniest ending to a game ever!!! It's cool and all and I see why you did it, but still....... funny. I like a lot about this game, so I'm going to spend the time in this review going over the things I diddn't like.......everything...just kidding. Really the only things I didn't like is the fact that you matched bitmap (or whatever it's called, can't remimber) instead of drawing everything. and the other thing is the sounds. It was cool that the game was covered in them and you kept true to making it eiry, but they got annoying. Great job on like......everything else though. Even though it really wasn't a game.....more like an interactive movie. But I like and it hope that you make more.